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P&Q Tours provide a range of tours aimed primarily (but not exclusively) at those interested in patchwork and quilting. As tours aimed at a special interest it means it’s ideal for single travellers and many of our clients have come with us as their first single venture and continued to join us for many more trips. But we also welcome husbands, friends and partners as there’s always plenty more than quilt exhibitions and quilt shops to see along the way.


Tours include flights (or suitable alternative like ferry), accommodation, coach, baggage handling, some meals and some excursions. As a small, friendly organisation we are never going to compete with the major tour companies and that’s what makes us special. While a key feature may be attending a major quilt show we also go to places other tours might not reach, visit quilt shops and communities off the beaten track. We follow the basic itineraries but are never afraid to branch off on a diversion that may just turn out to be an unplanned and extraordinary highlight.


Tours go to various parts of the USA, other international destinations such as New Zealand, Egypt and Europe and recently we have introduced wonderful quilting breaks in the UK, for those that want something special but no longer want long haul flights.


Wherever we go, whatever places we visit, we guarantee a lot of fun, a lot of laughs and great friendship.


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